Each poem on this website exists in three dimensions: as static text, as audio recording and as interactive multimedia hypertext. Some of the poems entered the world as printed texts inked in a bedside notebook. Others were 'born digital'. All of them explore, in various ways, the relationship between word and thing, between reader and audience, between idea and performance, between the solid material world (but is it really?) and the vasty deep of cyberspace. Many of the poems incorporate photoshopped photographs of handmade arts and crafts: physically potent objects transmuted into pixels on a screen.

Like the path of mosaic flowers that links the front and back gardens of my seaside home, the works on this site have all been fashioned from fragments. Real flowers inspired the stoneflowers. But the stoneflowers, in turn, lead from art back to nature, from the permanence of a concrete wall to the transience of garden and sea. I hope you will take time to follow the stoneflower path in both directions -- as well as up, down, over, under, into and between.

Helen Sword (2010)

[See also Paula Green, 'New Territory: An Interview with Digital Poet Helen Sword']

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